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Online Relationship Building

Maximizing your potential through mentorship

Having arrived In Canada from China just two years ago, Monte Zhu, a father of three, could not find a job as a financial software programmer. Monte eventually came to Seneca and graduated from the College’s Accounting Techniques program. But he realized he needed some help to navigate the job application process and find options that fit his expertise and education. Monte needed a mentor.

That’s when he turned to NetworkRED, Seneca’s online mentorship community. Launched in 2012, this online portal matches seasoned alumni with recent graduates in need of professional guidance.

“After graduation, I found it difficult to find a job, especially since I didn’t know the market,” says Monte. “I didn’t have any Canadian experience. Mentorship is really important because you need somebody who can teach you where to go.”

To date, 700+ Seneca students, employees and graduates have joined NetworkRED, with an average of 50 new members building profiles each month. NetworkRED matched Monte with Aamir Iqbal, a graduate of the Computer Programmer Analyst program, who is now a Senior Project Lead at Scotiabank.

With Aamir’s guidance, Monte received a job offer from Oracle Corporation, where he oversees their Outlook Enterprise Systems initiative.

“Aamir’s mentorship has been very important to me,” says Monte. “He encouraged me to build my career and have confidence in myself.”

The friendship between Monte and Aamir shows how just one person can make a big difference in the development of someone else’s career. So how does one go about finding a mentor?

“You need to clearly define what it is you’re looking for,” says Aamir. “When you’re approaching a mentor, don’t go with the expectation that he or she will help you find a job. Mentorship is more than that: It’s about you learning from others’ experiences.”

  • For Mentors
    • Share your knowledge and experiences with fellow graduates
    • Develop your leadership, communication and mentoring skills
  • For Mentees
    • Receive advice, guidance, encouragement and inspiration
    • Expand your professional network

To join NetworkRED, simply create an account at