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NPL Seneca Team

NPL Student Project Brings the Seneca Community Together for a Common Goal

Supporting the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer

On September 6 and 7, 2014, the Weekend Walk to End Women’s Cancers took place in downtown Toronto in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Seneca College put together team Heart and Sole, a collective mix of students, alumni, and faculty led by Jane Haddad, Non Profit Management and Leadership (NPL) Coordinator.

This year the 25Km OneWalk to Conquer Cancer takes place on September 12. This amazing event provides the opportunity to walk through the diverse range of Toronto neighborhoods and experience the great range of cultures, foods and scenery with thousands of others, while raising much needed funds for Cancer Research.

Diana Cappa, an NPL alumna who participated in the 2014 walk, says: "The atmosphere was amazing with so many supporters coming out to cheer us on. I learned about what drives a strong marketing campaign and what drives people to commit to a cause, not just for a donation, but to build lasting relationships.”

Participation in the walk is part of a marketing class assignment for the NPL students to gain hands-on experience working with a non-profit initiative. Two current students, Krishna Nathwani and Kristin Crandlemire, weighed in on what the walk and the NPL program means to them and their future aspirations.

“I took the program to develop my skills in leadership and management, specifically in the non-profit sector,” says Kristin. She hopes to work for the UN as an ambassador for HIV/AIDS and help to benefit people in need.

Krishna, who moved from advertising to the non-profit sector, says: “This project is about teaching us how to develop a marketing plan, implement it, and evaluate our methods. In the non-profit sector where there is a limited pool of resources, your peers are crucial to generating awareness for your cause.”

Team Heart and Sole called on the likes of the Seneca Alumni Association and the Seneca Student Federation to garner support. Together, this Seneca group is laying the foundation for future students to build on their campaign successes and become leaders themselves.

One walk, one day, dedicated to fighting all cancers that impact so many people, families, and lives. Team Heart and Sole will proudly be sporting their Seneca t-shirts for the greater good.

Join the team and support Cancer research: OneWalk to Conquer Cancer.