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Isaac Cohen

Sports Broadcasting Rising Star and Seneca Alumni Calls the Shots

For Isaac Cohen, the meaning of success is waking up every day and doing something you love. It’s the feeling of excitement and opportunity to be the lens that helps tell amazing homegrown stories of Canadian athletes. It’s contributing to making a difference in his community and inspiring others. It’s having the ability to set new goals, accept challenges, and aspire for greatness.

“I hope to inspire students and Canadians of all ages to follow their dreams and passion,” said Cohen.

Born in Toronto’s North York area, Isaac quickly became infatuated with sports. As a youth, he enjoyed collecting hockey and baseball cards and staying active on nearby courts and fields.

With parents who immigrated to Toronto from Tangier, Morocco, and not immersed in the Canadian sports scene, Isaac considers his innate gravitation towards sports somewhat of a surprise. However, he is grateful for having a family who always supported his desire to pursue his true calling.

He participated in extra-curricular activities at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School in Toronto, which Isaac says helped him come out of his shell to give the confidence needed to perform in front of crowds. Today, Isaac’s strong work ethic and dedication to his career ambitions in Sports Broadcasting led him to be invited into the homes of thousands of Canadians each night on their televisions.

After completing a Psychology Degree at York University his next big step was Seneca’s Broadcast Journalism Summer Institute.

“I found the program to be exactly what I was looking for and exactly as advertised,” said Cohen. “It prepared me for the rigours of the industry and taught me to wear all the hats, from reporting, writing, editing, and producing. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support and teaching from Seneca’s Journalism Summer Institute,” he said.

From there, Isaac hit the ground running. He began to polish his writing skills with various online articles, while contributing to a men’s health and lifestyle magazine, Young and Ambitious – a fitting title for Isaac. He also reported on-air for York Region Living at his local Rogers TV station before becoming a story editor for TSN over a two-year span. Isaac became a sponge for all things sports, learning from industry veterans and carving out his own niche and unique image.

In May 2011, his talent awarded him the opportunity to work as a Sports Reporter and Anchor for CTV Northern Ontario in Sudbury. In January 2014, he was promoted to the role of Sports Director, overseeing the entire Northern Ontario region, which includes being the Lead Sports Anchor weeknights for the primetime 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. newscasts.

He has displayed tremendous versatility in his work, covering everything from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, to OHL Hockey, to co-hosting several live segments for Sudbury’s annual Christmas charity telethon.

In a world of instant sports gratification with dozens of channels, outlets, and news feeds at one’s disposal, it’s easy to lose the important stories beyond the scores.

As a storyteller, for Isaac, the real story lies within the triumphs and struggles of Canadian athletes and the journey they followed. When the newscast throws to Sports, Isaac finds a way to give his audience a backstage pass to the men and women behind the jerseys, and the locker room, to shed light on each of their lives outside of their sport.

“I look up to those who are able to be creative in how they convey their storytelling, and who have their own on-air personality in sports broadcasting,” said Cohen.

His message to Seneca students would be “know where you’re strengths lie, find your niche within the industry to set yourself apart and become your own brand.”

Isaac is grateful to Seneca for helping him achieve his dreams. He looks forward to continuing to represent Seneca and Canadians by sharing stories of Canada’s athletes through our airwaves, and making the world aware of our amazing homegrown talent to ensure these stories are seen and heard worldwide.

He also aspires to travel the sports world by reporting on international sports events, such as Wimbledon and the World Series.

We’ll all be tuning in to see him get there.

Follow Isaac Cohen on Twitter @CTVIsaacCohen.