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Seneca faculty, staff and students show their dance moves for 'Dare to Dance'.

Dare to Dance


What is Dare to Dance?

Bust a move in support of our students!

Dare to Dance is a social media movement started by Seneca employees as part of the Campaign for Students. We are daring individuals and groups across Seneca to film themselves dancing and post the video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Our goal is to increase donations and spread awareness about the Campaign for Students—all while looking as silly as possible.

It’s easy to dare others to dance. Just follow these steps:

Step One: Donate online

  • You can give to the Campaign for Students Endowed Bursary or choose another designation option listed on the donation page
  • Remember, each gift matters. Every dollar is appreciated and goes directly to the initiative you choose to support

Step Two: Film your best dance routine

  • Use your camera or mobile device. Be sure to film horizontally
  • Before you start your dance, read the script below and remember to dare three individuals, departments or groups to donate and dance too
  • Dance your heart out!

Video script:

Hi, my name is/we are ________ from ________ Campus and I am/we are daring to dance for Seneca’s Campaign for Students. Thank you to (person/group who gave you the dare) for the “Dare to Dance” nomination. I have/we have already made my/our donation to the Campaign. Now, I/we dare (name one), (name two) and (name three) to dance, dare others to dance and to make a donation to help Seneca students.

Step Three: Upload your video to social media

  • Use your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account to upload your video
  • Be sure to use the #SenecaD2D hashtag
  • If you are using Twitter tag @SenecaCampaign in your post

Suggested post text:
I/we danced @SenecaCampaign. I/we dare (name one) (name two) (name three), link to your video, #SenecaD2D

Note: If you do not have a social media account, send your video to and it will be posted on the @SenecaCampaign Twitter page on your behalf. Be sure to include the names of the three individuals, departments or groups you are daring to dance along with your submission.

2016 Dare to Dance Submissions

Campaign for Students Ambassadors and Advisory Committee

CRM team

Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences - Admin team

Advancement and Alumni

Admissions and Financial Aid at King Campus

Fitness class from Newnham Campus

Admissions at Newnham Campus

Financial Aid

Seneca International

Student Recruitment

Seneca Student Federation