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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campaign for Students?

The Campaign for Students is Seneca’s annual faculty and staff fundraising initiative that takes place over a seven week period, from February 1 to March 21. This year marks the fifth Campaign for Students, and we are proud to be continuing to grow the culture of philanthropy at the College.

Staff and faculty know firsthand the hardships that students face and the financial support they need to succeed. The campaign provides an opportunity for staff and faculty to support the areas of the College they feel connected to the most.

What is the fundraising goal for this year?

This year’s fundraising goal is $99,000 and will focus on funds raised during the campaign period through employee giving and fundraising events.

I already work here. Why should I give?

Few people care more about the success of our students than those who work here. The Campaign for Students is our opportunity to support a cause that we are all passionate about—providing students with a Seneca education and seeing them achieve their academic and professional goals.

As the costs of postsecondary education continue to rise, your gift is needed more than ever. No matter where you choose to direct your donation, your support during the campaign will help the Seneca students who need it the most.

Many of us support a variety of charities and causes that are near to us. Think of Seneca as another charitable destination—one where you can see the positive outcomes of your support first hand.

Where can I designate my funds to?

The choice is completely yours, and there are lots of options. For example, you can direct your gift to the Campaign for Students Endowment that funds bursaries for students in each faculty. Other options include the King Campus expansion, various named awards or the area of greatest need. An inventory of giving options is available on the online donation page.

Remember, it’s not the size of the gift that matters. Participation is the key to the success of the campaign.

How can I give?

Payroll Deduction

You can choose to donate through payroll deduction, and the amount that you choose will be deducted every pay until you cancel. You can also choose to divide your donation in equal amounts for a set amount of time (e.g. $20 per pay for 10 pays for a total of $200).

You can set up your payroll deduction donation easily on the online donation page.

Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

Do you collect reward points or get cash back by making credit card purchases? You may wish to use your credit card to make a one-time or monthly donation and collect rewards.

You can set up your one-time or monthly credit card donation quickly and securely on the online donation page.

By spreading out your gift over a longer period of time through credit card payments or payroll deduction, you may find that you can afford to make a larger contribution. It will also mean a larger tax credit for you!


You can make a donation for any amount by cheque. Please make your cheque payable to Seneca College and send it to:

Advancement and Alumni
c/o Katie Colvin
Markham Campus
8 The Seneca Way
Markham, ON L3R 5Y1

A tax receipt will be sent to you by mail.

To make a donation over the phone, or for more information about your giving options, please call Katie Colvin at 416.491.5050 ext. 77285.

Please note: We respectfully require that any payroll deduction gifts are a minimum of $5 per pay.

Do I get a charitable tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. Tax receipts will be issues for all donations above $20. For online donations, a tax receipt will be instantly generated and sent to you by email. For all donations made my cash or cheque, a tax receipt will be mailed to you. Employees that give through payroll deduction will receive an official tax receipt in Box 46 on their annual T4 tax form, provided by the College.

Are there any matching incentives for donors?

Yes! This year, an anonymous donor has agreed to match any first-time donations to Seneca and donations to the King Campus fund, up to a maximum of $20,000. That means that every dollar you donate becomes two.

First-time donors that make a gift to the King Campus expansion will receive double matching and every dollar you donate becomes three.

Also, as a first-time donor, an additional 25 per cent tax credit is available for donations up to $1,000 through the Canada Revenue Agency’s First-time Donor’s Super Credit program. Learn more about this program.

Am I able to give anonymously?

Yes. You can opt out of any public recognition for your contribution.

For instructions on how to remain anonymous, please email Katie Colvin or phone at 416.491.5050 ext. 77285.

What portion of my gift goes to support students?

Every dollar you give goes directly to student financial aid or to the College initiative you choose to support.

Can I host a fundraising event?

Absolutely. All ideas for fundraising events or activities are welcome, and there's information about the logistics of hosting a fundraising event on the Campaign website. You can also get involved as a Campaign Ambassador. For more information, please email Cynthia Luey or phone 416.491.5050 ext. 77100.