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Big Data - Daymond Ling

Daymond Ling analyzes data very, very well. While working with American Express’s fraud investigation team, his work to identify patterns of credit card theft led to a $50 million reduction in loss for Amex…in just six months.

Mike Shaver Award

When Seneca honorary degree recipient Mike Shaver agreed to join Facebook in 2011 as an engineering director, he faced a dilemma. Mike had just joined Seneca’s Board of Governors, and the new job meant he’d have to relocate to California.

RBC Mental Health Symposium

Seneca and Royal Bank of Canada teamed up to present the inaugural RBC Mental Health Symposium, hosted at the College’s King Campus in May 2016.

TD Bank Elder Financial Planning Program

At an increasing rate, baby boomers and their parents are looking for advisory practices that incorporate both financial planning and eldercare expertise.

Youth to Postsecondary

The Youth to Postsecondary (Y2P) project at Seneca provides free-of-charge academic upgrading and life skills training that makes it possible for disadvantaged young adults to earn a college education and improve their career opportunities.