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Past Bursary Recipients

Thanks to your generosity, you are helping Seneca students succeed. Learn more about what support means to them:


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the donors at Seneca. I am so pleased and grateful to have been selected. The money has already been put to use towards my tuition fees, which has been a huge help for my family and I.”

Asma Hussain, Autism & Behavioural Science

“Thank you so much for your generous donations in support of myself and many other Seneca students. I've been surrounded by amazing teachers throughout my 4 years here and I would not have been set to graduate last spring if it wasn't for your ongoing encouragement and dedication to your students. Your donations have helped alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with being a student, and allowed me to focus a little more on my studies. Thank you for everything you do, I hope to give back to my students someday as you've done for us!”

Cassandra Abate, Child Development

“Thank you so much about your support. I graduated Seneca in the spring and used these funds to go on a mission trip to Haiti to help children with disabilities. Again, thank you so much!”

Boram Lee, Visual Merchandising Arts

“I would like to thank Seneca employees who donated during the annual Campaign for Students. This helps me in many ways, as a student with a part-time job this will allow me to focus on my studies which are most important.”

Kaleel Williams, Creative Advertising

“Thank you so much employee donors! I am so honoured and humbled to be given this bursary. Financial aid provides such financial relief, and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!”

Holly Clarke, Behavioural Psychology

“Thank you very much for this generous bursary. Your support is very meaningful to me. It does not only help me with my finances, but it also lets me believe that there are people I don’t know supporting me to start over in Canada so that I can overcome all the difficulties and be successful in my studies.”

Liqiong Huang, Interdisciplinary Studies

“I’d like to express my sincere appreciation of your contribution. This bursary will allow me to continue my studies as a student optician and to achieve the goals that I am pursuing now. I am extremely honoured to be a recipient of a Campaign for Students bursary. Thank you again for your support.”

Subin Kang, Opticianry

“I feel truly honoured to have been selected as a recipient for this bursary. I would like to thank all the employees and staff who donated to make this bursary possible. The academic success of many students at Seneca would not have been possible without the generosity and altruism of the Seneca community.”

Bingwei Li, Arts & Sciences

“Thank you for selecting me as a recipient for this bursary. This financial aid has been able to support me with taking care of my son. Being a mature student, a single mother and having a child on the autism spectrum, I have found myself very busy this year meeting all the demands and needs that comes with my life. I appreciate the support and am thankful for the aid. Thank you again.”

Felicia Doucet, Behavioural Sciences

“I’m writing this email to express my thanks for being chosen as a recipient of the Campaign for Students Bursary! I am very grateful to be receiving this award! For an unemployed full-time student, as well as a parent raising two young children, the financial demands can be hard to meet. Thanks to all the contributors for their kindness and for making it happen - this only shows that someone cares.”

Oksana Banning, Advanced Biotechnology

“Thanks to all the Seneca employees who donated during our annual Campaign for Students fundraising campaign. I am from a low-income family in Toronto and a new immigrant engineer from India and this will help me achieve my goals. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all the donors who made this possible.”

Vishal Jain, Building Environmental Systems

“I just wanted to thank every employee who donated and really helped me during this semester. I can’t thank you all enough, it is much appreciated.”

Stephanie Kodede, Social Service Worker

“I’d like to thank you for being awarded this bursary. It goes beyond simple financial support, knowing there are those who want to help students succeed in their program and ultimately what is to come next.”

Liam Broadley, Creative Advertising

“I would humbly like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the employees who made this bursary possible. Navigating through school can be extremely difficult especially financially and because of your generosity, you have made it a little easier for me. I promise to put the money to good use. I am forever grateful. Once again, thank you so very much.”

Zorrida James, Social Service Worker

“I wanted to thank the Seneca employee donors for providing me with this bursary. This bursary will be a tremendous help to me in paying next year’s tuition. Receiving financial aid has benefited my academic success by allowing me to attend school without worrying about money and being able to focus on my studies.”

Melanie Cleveland, Flight Service Operations

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has participated in this campaign to help students. It is an honour to be selected as a recipient of a Campaign for Students bursary. I hope that one I will have a chance to help others as you have helped me today.”

Irakli Tsintsadze, Business Administration, International Business

“I really appreciate the support and am very grateful to receive a Campaign for Students bursary. I won't forget this and promise that I will keep studying hard.”

Sungjun Hong, Computer Programming

“I’m honoured to receive the Campaign for Students bursary and grateful for the financial ease it will afford me. As a new comer to Canada and mom to a special needs child, my husband and I decided one of us would stay at home to care for our daughter. I didn’t see the possibility of pursuing a degree at this time with just one income. It is only because of financial aid I am able to go back to school and prepare myself for a job I can perform from home. Thank you all so much for your generosity, I cannot tell you how much this means to me.”

Sharda Ali-Ramjattan, Accounting & Finance

“Thank you so much to all the donors who have helped support students with financial needs. It is a privilege and a gift to be able to fulfill our dreams and it is with the help of donors who provide financial aid that these opportunities are available to us.”

Alannah Metherel, Library & Information Technician

“Thank you for the generosity! It will be such a big help and so appreciated.”

Camille Joy Cenera, Tourism-Flight Services