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Why Donate?

Many students experience financial barriers when they attend college, such as tuition fees, basic living costs, and essential study materials such as textbooks and equipment. Without financial aid, many students would find it impossible to pursue a college education.

Students have financial need, and that need continues to grow:

  • Two out of three full-time students required needs-based government grants to fund their studies
  • One in four of those who leave Seneca before completing their program cite financial difficulties as a primary factor
  • More than 82% of Seneca students work part-time while studying
  • One in ten students expect to work more than 20 hours per week to make ends meet
  • More than one third of Seneca students care for dependents

The Impact of Your Donations

  • The Campaign for Students endowment is growing with a value of over half a million dollars
  • 35 students will receive the Campaign for Students bursary this year alone
  • Almost 1,000 awards, scholarships and bursaries were distributed to deserving students last year thanks to the generosity of Seneca donors


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  • $5 per pay
    $130 per year pays for one monthly transit pass.

  • $10 per pay
    $260 per year funds books and supplies.

  • $20 per pay
    $520 per year contributes to rent and tuition.

  • $38.50 per pay
    $1,001 per year funds a named award.

Did you know?
For a student earning minimum wage, a bursary of $500 is worth 49 hours of work, while a bursary of $1,000 could save a student 98 hours of work.