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Why work at Seneca

Why Work at Seneca?

Because our students deserve the best. If you are passionate about education, a leader in your field, a true expert — we want you.

And we have lots to offer. Seneca employees receive competitive salaries and benefit packages. In addition, we provide a diverse environment where the value of lifelong learning and personal renewal is emphasized. Most importantly, you will enjoy a fulfilling career where the primary goal is to help others to succeed.

Employee Development

Seneca provides employees with a broad range of personal, career and professional development assistance. These learning opportunities are offered through ongoing workshops, resource and reference materials, faculty programs, support staff events, individual training, new employee orientations, health and wellness programs, and more.

Employee Benefits

Full-time employees and their families receive a comprehensive group benefits package that includes life, disability, dental, vision, hearing, and extended health. In addition, all full-time employees are enrolled in the CAAT pension plan and receive excellent vacation and holiday entitlements. 

Other benefits include:

  • Discounts for continuing education
  • Tuition assistance
  • Conference/workshop funding
  • Tuition support for employees’ children
  • Computer purchase assistance plan
  • Subsidized maternity and parental leaves
  • Paid professional development leaves
  • Prepaid leave plan (salary deferral program)
  • Campus recreation facilities
  • On-site daycare
  • Medical services

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Teaching Opportunities

Irene Kanurkas

Irene Kanurkas, Professor and Co-ordinator, says Seneca offers an “environment of constant evolution.”

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John MacBride

John MacBride, Professor and Co-ordinator, just celebrated 25 years at Seneca, saying he’s “always felt supported and valued here.”

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