Analytical Chemistry


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BOT102 - Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry serves as one of the foundations for ABCT program. Many industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and food rely heavily on chemical analysis in both quality control and research and development areas. Environmental monitoring is also strongly based on the basic analytical concepts developed in this course. It is important that the student master the basics of this subject in order to perform more advanced analytical techniques such as chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses. The chemistry involved in addition to knowledge of basic laboratory methods and data handling, calculation and presentation is central to a number of laboratory areas. In this course, students will familiarize them with sample preparation, method selection, techniques, calculations and data handling. This course also introduces the chemical principles behind gravimetric and volumetric methods of analysis. Problem-solving is strongly emphasized. The theory portion of the course will cover all the major theories in analytical chemistry. The laboratory portion of the course emphasizes good laboratory technique and practices. Accuracy and precision of analytical results as well as documentation and presentation of laboratory results is evaluated.

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