Research Methods and Statistical Analysis


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EAD706 - Research Methods and Statistical Analysis

This course is intended to help students become familiar with the research process. Students will come to understand the many decisions they will have to make to develop a research project based on a question of their design. To this end this course will provide students with a practical understanding of the research methodologies relevant to the field. Topics covered will include: types of quantitative and qualitative research (and the perils and benefits of a synthesis of the two), preparing the research proposal (including developing a research question/hypothesis/purpose that is appropriate to the field and in need of study), how to carry out a literature search and write a review of the literature, developing a theoretical framework, research design and questions of methodology (including data collections techniques, and analyzing and interpreting data), reliability, validity, and statistics (including descriptive and inferential statistical techniques), articulating the findings, understanding assumptions, biases, limitations of the study, and identifying the implications for the field and future research. By the end of this course, students will be expected to prepare a research proposal and will therefore learn to develop a research question/hypothesis/purpose that is appropriate to the field and in need of study. Topics secondary to the research process such as time management, personal motivation, organization, identifying the audience, writing conventions and formatting will also be explored. Since it is presumed that human subjects may be involved in such projects students will learn about research ethics and how to complete an ethical review process.

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