Firefighter Emergency Patient Care


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FIR007 - Firefighter Emergency Patient Care


Current CPR and First Aid Certificates

This course provides an overview of the Ontario emergency medical care system and the specific roles of members of the emergency response team. Content covers common medical/trauma conditions, the related patient care and associated situational management. Emphasis is on the specific role and responsibilities of the firefighter emergency patient care responder and the teamwork essential to the effectiveness of the EMS response. Included are legislation, regulations, standards and established policies, procedures and protocols as well the role of members of the emergency response team and the specific role of the firefighter emergency care responder. This subject is divided into six sections: A. Emergency Pre-Hospital Patient Care System B. Patient Assessment C. Common Medical/Trauma Emergencies i. Respiratory ii. Cardiovascular iii. Neurological iv. Musculoskeletal v. Digestive System and abdomen vi. Endocrine System vii. Childbirth D. Emergency Patient Care i. Infants and Children ii. Older Adult E. Common Behavioural/Psychological Conditions and Emergencies F. Environmental Incidents - Natural and Human Caused

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