Organic Land Care Accreditation Course


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OLP400 - Organic Land Care Accreditation Course


Demonstrated prior landscaping education/experience/employment

Soil is the foundation of landscape health. Whether you grow ornamental gardens, turf or vegetables, you need to understand how soil works. Most often soil is primarily looked at as a growing medium, something lifeless and sterile. However, soil is the exact opposite; it's an ecosystem and needs to be managed as such. The greatest biodiversity on earth occurs, or should occur, in the top few inches of soil. Soil ecosystem health and plant health are inseparably linked. Soil processes are universal, applying equally to ornamental landscapes, turf and agricultural crops. Our job is primarily one of fine-tuning. In this intensive, professional course you will learn how to assess the health of your soil and support the natural processes within the soil that result in plant health. You will learn how the uses of environmental toxins are counterproductive to achieving your landscape goals. A new decision making framework will be presented to enable you to work with nature to create and maintain healthy, beautiful landscapes, including lawns. Support for the process of transitioning a landscape from chemical dependency to organic self-sufficiency is what sets this course apart from traditional soil science courses. The online course engages students with practical and hands-on projects and is for those with previous landscaping education/experience only.

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