PLC Basic Programming


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PLC101 - PLC Basic Programming


Experience with the Windows Operating System and microcomputers

This course introduces students to the function and operation of the Allen Bradley - Rockwell PLC and PAC Ladder logic Programming. Topics include PLC5; SLC 500 and CLX 5000 hardware, typical PLC cards, memory map, program execution, the software library, contacts, output coils, timers, counters, Math and Compare instructions on line edit; forcing inputs, using EMU-5 Emulator; EMU-500 and EMU-5000, setting up communication via RS-Linx and programming the PLC and PAC using RS-Logix 5; RS-Logix 500, RS-Logix 5000 a basic interface design using FTAP-VIEW ME software. Note: Bring your safety glasses to class.

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