HMI/Factory Talk View Implementation


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PLC103 - HMI/Factory Talk View Implementation


PLC101-PLC Basic Programming & PLC102-PLC Advanced Techniques

This course introduces the student to advanced techniques of the HMI design using FTAP-View ME; SE Local and FTAP View Network Edition. Students learn how to create a local application using FTAP-View Machine Edition to create multiple screen application using Local Messages; Alarming; Animation; Recipe and Run Time application. Using FTAP View SE Local Edition, the student will build an application to provide Data Logging and Alarm server, the connection to the process via RS-Linx classic OPC or RS-Linx Enterprise and the connection to the Access or SQL server database via ODBC.
Using FTAP SE Network the student learns how to setup the HMI Server to provide communication to the FTAP-View Clients. In all applications the faceplates will be used extensively. Note: Bring your safety glasses to class.

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