The part-time Seneca College certificate program in Fundamentals of Natural Health Products is designed to meet the expanding need for trained personnel in the field of NHP. Students in this program would acquire knowledge and develop specific skills for working in the NHP manufacturing or retail industry or opening their own NHP business.

The program is designed to provide specialized training for students who have a science background and looking for new career opportunities as well as foreign trained professionals seeking to extend their knowledge and practical skills in this expanding field. The FNHP program would help these graduates to gain an entry-level position at one of the many NHP companies or pursue independent business opportunities.

Information Session

New students are invited to attend an information session.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities (in both laboratory and field settings) for this occupation include: governments; manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler or retails of natural health products; research and educational institutions; nutritional consulting companies.

Graduate Opportunities

For more details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, please visit the Government of Canada website.

National Occupational Classification (NOC) - Government of Canada

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) provides a standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labor market. It gives statisticians, labor market analysts, career counselors, employers and individual job seekers a consistent way to collect data and describe and understand the nature of work.

Entry Requirements

  • Individuals currently working or have a previous experience related to Natural Health Products industry.
  • Foreign trained professionals with a recognized Baccalaureate degree in sciences
  • May be of interest to students with Baccalaureate degree in sciences

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NHP Regulations

This course provides an overview of the regulatory framework for the NHP manufacturing, testing, licensing, distributing and import/export. Topics include the role of different regulatory agencies in the approval of NHP

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NHP Historic Perspective

The course provides an overview of the history of Natural Health Products, medical indications, pharmacology, and comparison with the pharmaceutical drugs.

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Laboratory Assay Methods for NHP Formulation

The course is an introduction to laboratory techniques and methods used in NHP analysis. Pre-lab and post-lab lectures describe analytical techniques used for identification and quantitative analysis of NHP and include clarification of relevant NHP terminology. Students explore different aspects of formulation: solid, semi-solid and liquid NHP. NHP formulation preparation, dosage form design and stability program is discussed.

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Manufacturing Methods for NHP

The course provides an overview of the methods related to the production of NHP. It also addresses major aspects of manufacturing such as selection and control of starting materials and excipients, composition, handling, processing, testing and equipment used. As well as process validation.

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NHP Quality Assurance

The course is an introduction to the concept of quality assurance and compliance. It addresses principles of quality, basic statistical concepts and applications, document systems, SOPs, quality audit, validation, ISO standards, GMPs, NHP recall and complaints handling.

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Packaging Development and Quality Compliance

The course addresses different kinds of packaging containers with the focus on primary as well as secondary container closures and explores different materials such as glass, plastic, metal and paper, closures, liners, and rubber stoppers that used in packaging of FNHP. Topics include testing methods, development of quality control methodology, legislative influences on packaging technology, and the role of the package in marketing.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This course deals with the practical issues that have to be addressed on a day to day basis by people who choose to open and run their own business. It introduces the student to the nature and role of the process in today's climate. The student will be required to develop a business plan such as an entrepreneur would present to potential lenders or investors.

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Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze Natural Health Products (NHP) regulations across global jurisdictions to ensure the manufacture of natural health products conforms to Health Canada policies and approval process.
  2. Explain the growth of the use of natural health products in Canada through a historical pharmacological context.
  3. Apply laboratory techniques and methods in the completion of a quantitative analysis of a NHP.
  4. Describe different manufacturing processes used in the production of NHPs.
  5. Apply validation systems and processes in the manufacture of NHP to ensure quality.
  6. Use NHP packaging technology for quality purposes in compliance with government regulations.
  7. Describe licensing requirements related to a NHP for government approval processes.
  8. Apply QA control measures to the production of NHP.
  9. Apply entrepreneurial principles to develop a business plan for a natural health product business.


When you meet all program requirements and become eligible for a certificate, diploma, or degree, you must inform the Registrar by completing a Graduation Application form and paying the graduation and alumni fee. Certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees are issued twice a year in the Fall (October) and Spring (June).

For further information including deadlines and fees, please visit the  Convocation website or contact the Convocation Office at 416-491-5050 ext. 77461.

Program Contacts

Georgina Ioannou
Program Assistant
416-491-5050 ext.22946

Olena Rodina
Part-time Program Coordinator
416-491-5050 ext.24115

Joanne Bonnet
Academic Program Manager
416-491-5050 ext.22528

Information Session

New students are invited to attend an information session.