This program is being phased out. Current students have until Winter 2018 to complete the program. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

Course Name and host code Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
Introduction to Adult Literacy
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Planning for Literacy Learning
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Assessing and Evaluating Literacy Learning
X X X Suspend Offering    
Making it Work
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This program provides an in-depth exploration of the key principles, practices, concepts and issues that shape the role of the literacy educator in the delivery of literacy and essential skills training in one-to-one and group settings.

Literacy workers in Ontario often perform multiple roles in diverse settings. They may find themselves working in roles which include literacy programming as instructors, advocates, administrators and coordinators. This program benefits those working in related areas who are seeking additional educational experiences to complement their experience.

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Program Outcomes

This program has several overarching objectives, specifically to:

  1. Provide in-depth exploration of key skills, principles, concepts and professional issues of literacy education for adults.
  2. Examine the application of current adult education theories as they relate to the special needs of the literacy learner.


These courses are available in an online delivery mode only. Learn about becoming an online learner at The Centre for Flexible Learning website.


Recognition of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, please submit a Request for Recognition of Achievement Form to the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training. There is no cost for this and your Recognition of Achievement will be mailed to you.

Note: To be eligible for the Recognition of Achievement in the Adult Literacy Educator program, students need to successfully complete the 4 online courses (equivalent to 192 in class hours).

Program Contacts

Annie Kirkham
Program Assistant
416-491-5050 ext.22536

Dedra Profitt
Program Coordinator
416-491-5050 ext.22826