Personal Safety/Security Threats Policy

"It is the Policy of Seneca College that all employees and students have the right to work and study in a safe environment, free from violence or the threat of violence."

Our commitment to your safety extends to any situation that endangers a College community member on campus; to any College-related event off-campus; throughout work or academic assignments/placements off-campus; and during work or academic-related travel. This includes threatening communications by telephone and/or electronic mail.

  • Have you been followed, watched or sent unwanted emails or telephone calls?
  • Have you been threatened?
  • Have you been a victim of abuse?

Seneca has special offices to help ensure that students and employees have a safe environment in which to learn and work. The Student Conduct Office and College Security all work to protect you, your rights and your self-respect.

Never invalidate your feelings of discomfort or fear. Pick up the telephone and call Security at 416.491.5050 ext. 22565.