MKM705 - Professional Marketing Presentations

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Subject Title
Professional Marketing Presentations

Subject Description
This subject will explore how to create and conduct hands-on, practical Professional Marketing Presentations in a business setting. Students will develop and apply various techniques in oral, written, and electronic presentations for individual, group, formal and informal presentations. Students will learn the principles of graphic design in creating effective Professional Marketing Presentations. Appropriate selection and use of graphs, tables, pictures, videos and text will be explored using presentation applications. Students will learn how to use a variety of audio-visual equipment to complement their presentations

Credit Status
One credit will be granted upon successful completion of this subject.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Create original business presentations that communicate effectively in a professional manner with both internal and external clients/customers. This includes the following:

  • effective/active listening skills
  • clear and articulate expression of thoughts and a good command of the English language
  • reading with comprehension (getting the message)
  • adhering to professional standards of presentation, including accurate spelling and grammar in written communications
  • original and creative ideas

2. Demonstrate effective customer service and the ability to listen actively and recognize the role that body language plays in professional presentations to external and internal customers/clients.

3. Demonstrate effective use of research skills to assemble presentation data that incorporate:
  • search of relevant electronic, Internet, and print based data sources
  • specific research for the marketing industry

4. Create and organize professional presentations that demonstrate proficiency and adaptability in the use of relevant technology, including:
  • internet for research purposes
  • scanners
  • laptop computers
  • multi-media
  • audio-visual equipment

5. Develop and design original presentations using relevant software applications, such as:
  • imaging software
  • word-processing
  • presentation graphics software
  • screen capture software
  • social media applications
  • video editing

6. Create and produce original, handouts, posters, electronic presentations, props, and photographs for professional presentations.

7. Demonstrate the ability to use computers, videos, TV, sound, posters, props, digital recorders, and digital video cameras in professional presentations.
8. Apply the basic principles of presentation design using presentation graphics software.

9. Apply presentation and other software to typical business situations (i.e., meetings, sales presentations, trade shows, product launches, news conferences).

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Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
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