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Creative Advertising students clean up at provincial advertising competitions

Seneca's gold winning team (left to right) Shannon Klaiman, Adam Balbaa, Felipe Cardenas, Anthony Riccio, Merissa Snider and Albert Meskawy.

Students from Seneca’s Creative Advertising program recently took part in the Grip Limited "Juicer” Competition and Cossette Communications "Grow-Op" Competition.

In both contests, graduating students from colleges and universities across Ontario were asked to develop and present actual advertising campaigns to a panel of industry professionals.

Seneca’s team of Shannon Klaiman, Anthony Riccio, Albert Meskawy, Merissa Snider, Felipe Cardenas and Adam Balbaa won gold in the Juicer competition, while Matt Carona, Jeff Glos, Jacqueline Hudon, Joanna Morra and Joseph Marilla captured bronze in the Grow-up competition.

"Both competitions were a true reality test for the advertising students,” said Anthony Kalamut, Creativing Advertising program co-ordinator and professor. “Being asked to solve a real client marketing communication problem with expected results was a challenge the students lived and breathed with complete passion from the briefing to the moment they took centre stage to present their strategies and concepts."

All of the students on Seneca’s teams, including the College’s second entry in the Juicer competition, which was made up of Amy Green, Matt Lee, Daniel Long, Eduardo Charris, Vanessa Pagliaroli and Laura Di Girolamo, will now be competing for the opportunity to win paid internships with Grip Limited and Cossette Communications.

Here's what the students had to say about their experience:

"Placing first in the Grip Juicer competition was a huge feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, getting to work with such a talented team was a humbling experience. I’d say it was hard work, but work isn’t really work when you’re having that much fun and believing in the experience we have together.” — Anthony Riccio, team captain of Seneca's gold winning team

"One of the greatest experiences that I've ever had the privilege to be a part of. A great team, an iconic agency and a killer brief. Spearheading a campaign via digital, mobile and social seemed daunting at first, but I believe that the great preparation given through the program and this opportunity helped us all grow as students and helped us better understand what the future of advertising is all about." — Albert Meskawy, creative copywriter for Seneca's gold winning team

"Participating in the Cossette Grow Op was an amazing experience. The opportunity to prepare a full 360 campaign and present it to a prominent agency has left me confident in my abilities. The feedback we received shows how well prepped and ready the Creative Advertising program has made myself and the entire team for real world challenges of the industry." — Matt Corona, member of Seneca's Bronze winning team 

Seneca's bronze winning team (left to right) Jeff Glos, Jacqueline Hudon, Joseph Marilla, Joanna Morra and Matt Carona.

Program Co-ordinator and Professor Anthony Kalamut (centre) with (left to right) students Eduardo Charris, Daniel Long, Vanessa Pagliaroli, Amy Green, Matt Lee, and Laura Di Girolamo.