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New Parking System Coming May 6 to Newnham and King

The new parking system at King and Newnham Campuses will become operational on May 6. Whether you’re a daily or occasional user of the parking lots, Seneca’s parking systems will be different. If you were using a parking card, it will not work after May 5.

Each lot will have a gate, and to open it you’ll either use a new OneCard to enter or pull a ticket from a machine. To exit, you’ll have to use the OneCard or a paid ticket.

There are three payment options:

  1. Purchase a parking plan and have it linked to a new OneCard to enter and exit the parking lots. The OneCard provides unlimited in-and-out access at any Seneca-operated parking lot at Newnham, Markham and King during the life of a plan. Various plans are available. (Employees, if you already have a parking plan through payroll deduction, you will still need a OneCard to access the parking lots.)
  2. If you choose not to purchase a plan, you will pull a ticket at the entry gate and pay the parking fee at a pay station before exiting the parking lot. The pay stations accept cash and credit cards. You may also pay at the parking gate by credit card only.
  3. The third option is to purchase a multiple use ticket at the pay station. The multiple use tickets come in two versions: either 5 entries and exits or 10 entries and exits. The multiple use tickets cost $5.00 for each entry/exit.

Parking Ambassadors will be onsite to help students and staff use the new parking system. We’ll also have staff on hand at Newnham during the first two weeks of Continuing Education classes.

At Newnham, there will be new parking pay machines in Building A+, Building B, the Athletics Centre and in Lot 10. At King Campus, pay stations can be found in Garriock Hall and outside the Kolts Childcare Centre. Some of the Newnham parking lots will also be re-painted to improve traffic flow in the lots. At Markham, where the new system is already in operation, the pay station is in the lobby.

Purchasing Parking Plans

Students can buy semester or pro-rated plans, depending on your schedule. Employees can purchase annual or semester plans, with annual plans available through payroll deduction. All plans are purchased through the OneCard offices at each campus and will be linked to your OneCard.

The day parking rate continues to be $5.00 a day. The evening parking rate is $4.50 from 5 p.m. until 12:30 a.m.

The OneCard and parking plans can be obtained at the following locations:

  • Newnham: OneCard Office on the ground floor of Building B across from the Bookstore
  • King: OneCard Office on the ground floor between Pods B and C
  • Markham: Bookstore on the ground floor
  • Seneca@York: Bookstore near the Tim Horton’s

The OneCard office and the Bookstores operate with extended hours at the start of each semester. Please ensure you have obtained a new OneCard before April 30 to be ready for the new parking system. We also strongly encourage you to select your parking options early to avoid line-ups.

The Seneca Parking Website will be updated shortly to provide rate information, system information and instructions on the use of pay stations. Please stay tuned for further Parking System updates.