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Seneca students create case for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Case

Polytechnics Canada challenged student applied research teams from each of its member institutions to design and produce a custom Polytechnics Canada-inspired case/enclosure for the Raspberry Pi computer.

Seven students from the Centre for Advanced Technologies, under the guidance of Professor Malcolm Archer, worked together to design and build a case (pictured above) for the $35 device.

Each team was given a series of physical and aesthetic requirements to follow, which included making the case waterproof (up to three metres) and strong enough to withstand a two-metre drop on to a concrete floor.

The Seneca case was the only one that allowed the Raspberry Pi to operate at 100 per cent of its full capacity in 30 C water for one hour. It also performed well in the two-metre drop.

All of the student teams had their cases tested at the Polytechnics Canada conference Wednesday in Toronto, where the team from the British Columbia Institute of Technology was declared the winner.