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Seneca professors behind new game that has everyone talking

When they are not in class teaching, Seneca Animation and Independent Illustration Professors Barnabas Wornoff and Ben McEvoy make it a point to carefully follow the news of the day. In particular, they keep a close eye on any Toronto-based stories that are making international headlines.

The pair joined forces with Independent Illustration graduate Daniel Whiffing to start Extra! Extra! Games — a company that develops free online games based on news events. Their debut project, Stay Mayor, was unveiled earlier this month and has attracted a lot of media attention.

In the game, players move an unnamed mayor around a football field as he flees from reporters. The goal of the game is to collect enough money to buy the alleged video of the mayor smoking crack before the media get their hands on it.

Ben and Barnabas said the entire game took about two weeks to develop and features contributions from 12 graduates and students from Seneca's School of Animation.

Barnabas, who serves as the company’s creative director, was also behind the online game based on the Ikea Monkey, which was released earlier this year and became hugely popular.

Stay Mayor can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

Stay Mayor in the news