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Seneca Vet Tech students adopt chimpanzee

Kaitlyn Wickens and Dianna Smith


Rachel can finally rest easy thanks to a couple of Seneca Veterinary Technician students.

Kaitlyn Wickens (pictured left) and Dianna Smith organized a series of fundraising initiatives last semester to adopt the chimpanzee after learning about her incredible story during a research assignment for their Animal Sciences course.

The pair were investigating the topic of animal research when they came across the Fauna Foundation and their adopt-a-chimp program. Located in Quebec, the Fauna Foundation is Canada's first and only chimpanzee sanctuary that provides a permanent sanctuary for animals that have been used in laboratory research.

In Rachel’s case, she was saved from having undergone years of invasive experiments, including more than 30 liver biopsies.

Kaitlyn and Dianna received a certificate of adoption from the Foundation and a photo of Rachel. They dedicated the adoption to the graduating Veterinary Technician class of 2013.