Seneca ECE Lab School has explored a variety of pedagogical approaches over the last several decades. We are committed to professional learning, reflective practice and building a shared community; where all are free to pursue interests and the holistic development of themselves in relation to others.

We are inspired by the philosophical approaches of Loris Malaguzzi and the guiding principles of Reggio Emilia. We advocate and are inspired by connecting children to the benefits of nature. We work to create an environment that honors children as capable, confident learners and active citizens in our community. We have a strong view of the child as a protagonist in their own learning, where educators, students and community members become co-learners.

Our environments are rich with open ended and natural materials to spark children’s creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. When the environment acts as the third teacher, the children can become researchers and builders of theories who initiate their learning experiences through the exploration and investigation of quality materials.

For more information on the Seneca ECE Lab School, please download our Family Orientation Handbook. This will include information on our philosophies, as well as policies and procedures and contact information.