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Newnham Campus Lab School


Dear Families,

Welcome to the Lab School.  Families are an integral part our successful child care program. Through family engagement we are better able to meet the developmental and personal needs of children. As child care professionals, we can serve as valuable resources for families and their children for areas of child development. We believe that families and child care centres can and should work together to provide an environment that facilitates the growth of each child into a physically and emotionally healthy individual. We developed an orientation handbook to help facilitate the relationship between the Lab School and our families. It provides you with specific information about the Lab School. In the pages that follow you will find information about our philosophy, our policies and procedures, our goals for the children and our expectations of families. This website provides an overview of this information.          

A full version of the handbook (pdf) can be downloaded, and I hope that you will find it beneficial, informative, and helpful in making you and your child comfortable in our centre. The ECE Lab School thrives to work closely with families in providing the children with the benefits of high quality early learning and child care.

June A. Williams, RECE, B.ED
Manager, ECE Lab School