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Basic Goals for the ECE Lab School Program

  • Provide a supportive and stimulating environment and broad range of developmentally-enhancing experiences that meet the needs of all children – inclusive of ability.
  • Assist children in learning to live comfortably in a social environment in addition to the family by supporting cooperation with their peers and as individuals
  • Assist children in developing a respect for individual and cultural diversity
    • by promoting an appreciation of each child’s ability and each family’s culture through discussion, literature, and role modeling
    • by assisting them to gain the skills used to interact with people with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds
    • by assisting them to gain an appreciation of what others are capable of doing
  • Assist children in learning about the things in the world around them; that everything has both a purpose and a place.
  • Increase children’s knowledge and use of language – words and the processes and objects they represent.
  • Assist children in acquiring a sense of wonder and anticipation – excitement about learning.
  • Foster creativity and self-expression through art, music, and dramatic play.
  • Enhance the child's self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence by offering many opportunities for a child to succeed, express ideas, and understand his/her emotions and to attain skills to manage them.
  • Stimulate and encourage curiosity and provide opportunities for problem solving.
  • Encourage children to take care of their own needs with support from the adults in their environment.