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Inclusion Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure all staff members, and families are aware of and adhere to the expectations for the inclusion of children with extra support needs.

Policy Statement

Seneca Lab School is committed to an inclusive child care system that promotes positive and healthy environments for all children. Seneca Lab School's Mission Statement outlines the commitment to equitable access to high quality child care for all children.

Children have the right to be cared for in environments within their own community where their needs can be met and they can develop to their fullest potential. Seneca Lab School also supports the six elements of inclusion which have been defined by Special Link, the National Centre for Child Care Inclusion. These are as follows:

Zero Reject – no child is excluded on the basis of accessibility needs.

Natural Proportion – programs include children with disabilities in approximate proportion to their presence in the population.

Full Participation – activities and routines are modified and adapted to include children of all capabilities.

Same Range of Program Options – Parents of children with disabilities have the same options that parents of children without disabilities have (e.g. full day, part day, and flexible hours).

Maximum Feasible Parent Participation – Parents are actively encouraged to participate in the child care programming.

Pro-Action for Community Inclusion – Staff and parents promote inclusion in the whole community.