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Our Philosophy

We base our program philosophy on the well-accepted principal of early education that children learn about the world around them through play. We define children’s play as active involvement with other children, adults, and materials. In addition, we feel that high quality play involves the whole child: gross motor, fine motor, senses, emotion, intellect, individual growth and social interaction.

We believe that all children’s basic needs regardless of ability, must be met in an environment that is nurturing, comfortable and specifically structured to meet each individual’s unique physical, emotional and developmental needs.

We believe that all children regardless of ability should have the opportunity to become independent and successful in a nurturing environment that meets their unique intellectual, physical, and social needs. The intention of the ECE Lab School is to provide a child-oriented, developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum in an atmosphere where children are comfortable and able to learn through play and the exploration of their environment.

We believe that working closely with families provides a secure atmosphere that benefits families and each child enrolled.