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Prohibited Methods of Behaviour Management

The following are unacceptable methods of guiding behaviour and will not be used at the ECE Lab School:

  1. Corporal or any type of physical punishment including:
    • hitting, spanking, beating, shaking, shoving, or other measures which produce physical pain
    • forcing a child to repeat physical movements
    • harsh, belittling or degrading responses of any form including yelling
    • abusive, profane or derogatory language
  2. Any form of public or private humiliation (including threats of physical punishment)
  3. Any form of emotional abuse, including rejecting, terrorizing, ignoring, isolating, or corrupting a child
  4. Withdrawal or threat of withdrawal of food, rest, bedding, shelter, comfort item, or bathroom opportunities
  5. Locking a child in a room or building
  6. Isolation or physical restraint as a means of punishment, or “Time-out” as a means of behaviour management. Note: We will remove a child from a situation if he or she is not handling it appropriately. The adult will accompany the child and calmly and gently support him or her.
  7. Using food as a reward or punishment