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Financial Policy

Registration Fee

A one-time non-refundable fee of $50 is due for each child and must be submitted with the completed registration information package.


Fees for two weeks are due with the completed registration information package. These fees are refundable when the child is withdrawn from the Lab School provided that the parent has given two weeks notice prior to withdrawal. Failure to notify the Lab School Manager in writing two weeks prior to withdrawing your child/children from the program will result in no refund of your deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the last months fee in all other cases.

Deposits are as follows:

  • Toddler deposit
  • Preschooler deposit

Child Care Fees

  • Toddler fees
$69.70 per day
  • Preschooler fees
$47.15 per day

Fees are paid regardless of your child’s illness, absence, vacation or statutory holidays.

Fees are due as indicated on your invoice, which you will receive at the beginning of each month.

Late Fee Payment

Fees paid after the due date are subject to a late fee charge of $15 for each month, up to two months. If the fee and late fee are not paid by that time, the Lab School will issue a notice of withdrawal to the family and will require full payment.

Non-Sufficient Funds Cheques

Families will be responsible to reimburse the College for any charges incurred as a result of non-sufficient fund (NSF) payments. Payment will be accepted only in the form of money order or certified cheque for reimbursement of NSF cheques and associated charges. Only certified cheques or money order will be accepted thereafter for child care fees.

Income Tax Receipts

Donations are welcome and will be used to enhance the quality of the program for the children.

Tax receipts are issued for monetary donations, and for donations of large pieces of equipment.

Receipts for child care fees are issued on or before February 28 each year. These receipts may be used when filing your income tax.