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Toys & Clothing: What Your Child Will Need

Toys from Home

As it is almost impossible to keep track of toys the children bring from home, we suggest that toys be left with you or in your car for the journey home. We understand initially this may cause a few tears. We find it is much easier for your child to deal with this than with the possible loss of (or damage to) a ‘special’ toy. Of course this does not apply to a security or sleep toy that you have prominently labeled with your child’s name. The care and programming for the children are the main concerns of Lab School staff during the day. Therefore, they cannot be responsible for keeping track of toys or finding them at the end of the day.


Your child will need at least one complete set of extra clothing (shirt, sweater, pants, underwear, socks, etc.) in his or her cubby at all time. Water play and accidents are just two of the factors that make this a necessity.

We suggest you dress your child in comfortable play clothing that washes well. This will allow him or her to explore and create without fear of getting dirty. Legislation requires us to provide at least two hours of outdoor play (weather permitting) for children. This means you must provide sweaters, jacket, long pants, snowsuits, hats, neck warmer, mittens/gloves, boots, etc. depending on the weather. Please try to remember that the early days of Fall and Spring can be very unpredictable. Send your child with more than she or he might need. It is much easier to take off an extra layer than it is to add something that isn’t there.

Remember...label all clothing with your child’s name. They all look similar to us and keeping them sorted is very difficult.

Other Things Your Child Will Need...

  • a cup/water bottle clearly labeled with his or her name
  • sunscreen and a sunhat (from late spring to early fall)
  • a blanket for rest time
  • a security toy
  • at least two (2) sets of clothing, diapers, wipes and any creams or lotions she or he needs
  • indoor/outdoor shoes