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Withdrawal Policy

The ECE Lab School is committed to delivering high quality care to children and their families. However, there are times when we are unable to meet the needs of a child. The Lab School reserves the right to terminate the family’s contract should the program be unable to meet a child’s needs. A written notice of withdrawal notice of two weeks will be given.

Once enrolled, the lab school staff will work with the family and support services to ensure that a child’s extra support needs are met.  However, when all possible avenues have been exhausted, it may be determined that the program is unable to meet the needs of the child and placement is not able to continue.  This decision will be made in collaboration with the parents, the Supervisor, the Children’s Services Consultant and the Resource Educator.  The lab school will make the final decision.

The following procedures will be followed:

  1. Behaviour is documented over a period of time by the program staff
    • Staff and parents will communicate daily regarding the child’s behaviour
    • Parents will provide the lab school staff with pertinent information that may help staff support the child’s development
  2. The program staff will submit a written formal report to the lab school manager
  3. The lab school manager and staff will meet to discuss the documented concerns and strategies
  4. A trial period for the suggested strategies is established
  5. On completion of the trial period, the staff and the manager will meet to discuss the documented observations of the behaviour and the strategies implemented. If additional support is required, a meeting will be arranged with the family, staff and manager.
  6. Withheld information.

    The following steps will then be followed:

    a) Identify the concerns and possible reasons
    b) Discuss implications for the child or other children involved
    c) Discuss ways for involving community resources
  7. Contact community resource and discuss behavior, strategy implemented and review the results.  The results are again committed in writing and signed by all parties.
  8. If the lab school staff determined that the child’s needs cannot be met at the lab school, a recommendation of withdrawal will be forwarded to the family as well as an invitation to attend a meeting with the Academic Chair, Lab School Manager, community resource, and the program staff in order to put their position forward.  The meeting will be documented by the Lab School Manager.  The community resource will recommend another program that will best meet the needs of the child to the family.  A copy of the minutes from the meeting will be given to the family and a copy will remain in the child’s file.
  9. If the family does not attend the meeting, or if after attending, the Academic Chair and lab school manager decide that it is the best interest of the child that he/she be withdrawn from the program.  A written notice of withdrawal will be given to families effective two weeks from the date of the scheduled meeting.
  10. Children’s Services Consultant will be notified if a child is asked to withdraw from our program.