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Chinese Language Courses

  Chinese Basic Courses

  Conversational Chinese Courses

AQ Mandarin at Brock University

With Mandarin as one of the fastest growing heritage languages in Canada the AQ Mandarin Course (EDUC 9F34), the only course of its type in Ontario, provides teachers certified in other subject areas, but with native or educational backgrounds in the Mandarin language, with the pedagogical skills and classroom strategies for teaching Mandarin as a Second Language to Canadian students.  The course provides participating teachers with an appreciation of the cultural richness of Mandarin and ensures that Canadian Mandarin teachers will be well-prepared, OCT certified and ready for their classes this coming Fall 2013. Contact Brock University for more information.

Courses in Richmond Hill

The Confucius Institute also offers the following courses in co-operation with the Town of Richmond Hill:

  • Chinese for Adults
  • Chinese Movies and Literature Appreciation
  • Chinese Cultural Programs
  • Chinese for Children

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  • Customized Programs

    The Confucius Institute also offers customized programs that meet the needs of the community.

    Find out more:
      Confucius Institute
      416.491.5050 ext. 77350