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At Waterloo, we know transfer students have different concerns than other applicants.

You may be wondering

  • How the skills and knowledge you’ve already built will translate to your degree studies and, eventually, your dream career.
  • If it’s difficult to switch gears from college to university academics.
  • How to balance school with work or family commitments.

Mat and Nat waterloo students

We can help. We’re Mat and Natalie, your transfer team. Here’s how we make the transfer process as easy for you as possible:

A single point of contact
Have you ever had to run from one place to another to get the information you need? At Waterloo, that’s our job. We do the running for you – from arranging for transfer credit assessments to connecting with Waterloo faculty on your behalf.

Door-to-door service
No matter where you are in the transfer process – just thinking about it, ready to apply, or on your way – we’re here to help. It’s like door-to-door service from college to university. Have a question? Just contact us!

Welcoming you to Waterloo
You may be wondering how you’ll fit in at Waterloo once you’re here. We have lots of opportunities for you to meet other transfer students, learn more about campus, and explore support services that will help you thrive at Waterloo. Our Student Success Office is dedicated to making your transition a great one!

One last word of advice
March 31st is the application deadline for most programs. Click here to apply today! We look forward to connecting with you!

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What our students are saying:

“I was worried about being a new student to a school where I wasn’t technically ‘new’ to the university experience. I was worried I would be so much older than everyone else … but the university offers a Transfer Orientation that is exclusive to transfer and exchange students so I felt very comfortable.”
- Jess, Honours Arts


"Transferring to University of Waterloo was the best academic decision I have ever made. I am constantly motivated by the focused and enriching learning environment, and thanks to events like Transfer Tuesday and Orientation Week, I felt like part of the community even before I stepped foot in a classroom! Since day one, I've loved the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. With such an active student body, there are so many opportunities to get involved, volunteer and meet like-minded people. I am now a proud Waterloo Warrior!"
- Maahum, Honours Science


“I can say with certainty that the university classes stimulated my mind and allowed me to strive for my full academic potential! It really helped to have professors who were such genuine, sincere people who you could easily strike up a conversation with. The culture here plays a big part in making everybody feel welcomed and part of a fantastic community.”
- Brett, BA (’13) Recreation and Leisure Studies