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Transfer Credits

What are Transfer Credits?

Transfer Credits are granted for courses taken at another accredited postsecondary institutions which are deemed as equivalent to a course at Seneca. This is a free service available to current full- and part-time students and former students who may require a credit in order to meet graduation requirements.

If you have a college or university level course that’s similar to a Seneca course, you may be eligible to apply for Transfer Credit at Seneca.  A minimum grade of “C” (60%) is generally required for a course to be considered for transfer credit.  For transfer credit into a degree program, the minimum grade considered is “C+” (65%).  To find out if your program has any additional policy requirements, please visit the Program Specific Policy Page.

If your Transfer Credit Request is successful, you will not be required to take the Seneca course and a grade of “TC” will be assigned. Courses with a grade of “TC” are not included as part of a student’s GPA calculation.

  • Please note

    The deadline to submit Transfer Credit Requests for the Fall 2018 term is Friday, August 10. Evaluation results for applications received after this deadline may not be processed prior to the College’s drop deadline.

How to apply

Students are encouraged to apply for Transfer Credit, at least four weeks prior to your semester start date. Please submit a complete Transfer Credit Request form (pdf) along with all supporting documentation. If you are requesting credit for more than 6 subjects, please fill in more than one form.

Documentation required:

  • Official Transcript (if you have previously submitted your official transcript, please indicate so on the form). A transcript is considered official when received through Ontario Colleges (OCAS), or sealed in the original envelope as issued by the institution. Opened transcripts are not considered official and will not be accepted.
  • Full course outlines from the institution where they were completed (Course Calendar descriptions are not sufficient for evaluation).
  • Postsecondary education which was obtained internationally requires one of the following World Education Services (WES) or International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS) evaluations in addition to an official transcript:
    • WES Basic Course-by-Course Report from World Education Services — if you have an original transcript to provide us
    • WES ICAP Course-by-Course Report from World Education Services — if you do not have an original transcript to provide us

When you apply for your WES report, please make the Degree and Credit Transfer office a recipient. When WES notifies you that the report has been completed, please ensure that you follow up with our office to let us know the report is ready so it can be assessed.

  • Postsecondary Comprehensive Report from the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • If your original course outline is not in English, a certified translation of the document is required. The outlines must be translated, signed and sealed by a certified translating service or they will not be accepted. Please see the following website for certified translators in your area:

Please note: It may take several weeks for one of the above service providers to perform a credential evaluation. Please make sure to apply early.

Do not use this form if you are:

  • requesting credit for a Seneca course based on the completion of another Seneca course. Please contact your Program Co-ordinator/Student Adviser for details regarding internal course equivalencies and substitution credits.
  • requesting to obtain credit for a course you are currently taking, or will be taking in the future, at another postsecondary institution.
  • appealing a previously evaluated transfer credit request. Please use the Transfer Credit Decision Review form (pdf).

Submitting your application

Please submit this form along with all supporting documentation through any one of the following methods:

Course outlines, official transcripts, and credential evaluations become the property of Seneca College and will not be returned.

Check the status of your request

Once you have submitted your Transfer Credit Request and all supporting documents, please monitor your Transfer Credit Report for a decision. The Transfer Credit Report can be accessed by logging into Student Centre and selecting “Transfer Credit Report” in the “ Academics” dropdown menu. Please note that evaluations will take approximately two to four weeks for review. Continue to monitor your account for outstanding decisions.

Drop course(s) if you recieve transfer credits

If you have been granted transfer credit for a subject you are currently enrolled in, it is your responsibility to drop the course from your timetable (if the credit is granted prior to the College’s drop deadline). Contact the Registration Office if you have questions about how transfer credit may affect your fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find out how much Transfer Credit I will receive before I enroll in a Seneca program?

Unless your previous post-secondary institution has a formal agreement with a program at Seneca which outlines how much credit you would receive, Transfer Credit evaluation decisions will not be processed until you become a Seneca student. Students can visit the ONTransfer course for course equivalency database which does outline which courses have been granted from institutions in the province of Ontario.

If I drop a course because I have been granted Transfer Credit, will this affect my OSAP funding?

Check with the Financial Aid Office to determine whether your remaining course load affects your eligibility for OSAP assistance.

If I am granted transfer credit for a course currently on my timetable, how do I remove it?

Students are expected to drop courses for which they have been granted transfer credit by themselves on their student centre account.

If you do receive a decision until after the drop deadline, please contact your Registration Adviser to inform them that a credit has been granted. They will confirm all deadlines have been met and if eligible, can drop the course from your timetable.

For more information about dropping courses from your current timetable, please refer to SenecaBusiness411.

Is there a limit to how much credit I can transfer?

No more than 65 per cent of a degree level program can be awarded credit through Transfer Credit for credits from a 3-year diploma program, and no more than 40 per cent for credits from a 2-year diploma program. A minimum of 25 per cent of the credit for a program must be earned at Seneca. For further information, please visit Seneca’s Academic Policy.

Can I further discuss a Transfer Credit decision if I don’t agree with it?

If you do not agree with a credit which has been granted, or if you want to appeal a credit that has been denied, you must submit a Transfer Credit Decision Review application.

Please submit the following:

  • A completed Transfer Credit Decision Review form (pdf)
  • A letter outlining the reason for the requested review
  • Supporting documentation which may help your appeal
  • A copy of your course outline

Please note, decision reviews may take two to four weeks for evaluation.