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KOM Consultants have been sending students to our most popular partnered university, Griffith University, for over 20 years now.

In those years, we have managed to help create many successful pathways. There are currently close to 40 pathways set out to help Seneca College students go to Griffith University and turn their diplomas into degrees.

We are dedicated to helping Senecans study and enjoy life in Australia! To explore pathway opportunities available to you, visit our website for information regarding the exact amount of credit transfer, duration of study at Griffith for your particular program, and the various campus locations you can study in while at Griffith!

Griffith University has five campuses in Brisbane. You may get the opportunity to choose a city campus or their Surfers Paradise campus!

After chatting with you during our various visits to Seneca, we noticed that many of you have similar questions and concerns. Here is a list of your most frequently asked questions, followed by our answers.

Am I eligible for OSAP when studying at Griffith?

Yes, you are. The beauty of studying abroad is that you are assessed on your own financial situation, as opposed to your family’s. The silver lining is it usually so works out that you are eligible for more when studying abroad. Great news, right?

Can I work while studying at Griffith?

Yes, you can. You are generally allowed to work 20 hours a week, and 40 hours whenever there is a university break such as during the winter or summer holidays. The minimum wage in Australia is $16.80 an hour.

When does the academic year start at Griffith?

There are two intakes for most programs at Griffith University: you can start in July or February.

What is the cost of living at Griffith?

It is estimated that the cost of living for one academic year is $19,000. This includes on-campus accommodation, so if you find privately rented accommodation you can bring this cost down! Griffith University International Office can assist you if you decide to look for off campus accommodation. Feel free to email them.

When can I apply to Griffith?

Typically, you should apply six to nine months before the desired start date.

How long does it take to get the visa for Australia?

The visa application for Australia is done online and is processed in 48 hours.

How can I apply to Griffith University?

Because Brisbane is 15 hours ahead, it makes it a bit difficult for you to contact them and follow up on your application, which is where we come in. Simply apply online through us, and we will do the follow-up work for you. There is no application fee either -- it is completely FREE!

KOM Consultants is planning to be at Seneca soon, so like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see when our next visit will be.

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