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feature6Barclay & Knap Educational Services

Barclay & Knap Educational Services has several exciting opportunities for graduates of Seneca’s diploma and degree programs.

Students may choose to convert a 3-year diploma to an honour’s degree, with 1 year of additional study* at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, graduates of a 4-year degree are eligible to apply to many of the 1-year master’s programs on offer.

The role of Barclay & Knap is to guide students through the entire application process, including references, transcripts, personal statements and student visas. There is no fee for this service when applying to the company’s overseas partners.

Click here to read about a graduate from an Advanced Business Diploma who went on to the University of South Wales to complete an Honour’s Business Degree in Marketing with just 1 additional year of study.

*Some bridging may be required for certain programs

Contact Barclay & Knap

For more information, email Joe Knap or visit the company’s website