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What is

It’s a free website where you can check what courses and programs will transfer among Ontario’s 45 public colleges and universities.

Am I a Transfer Student?

Have you completed a course, some courses, or an entire program at one institution and want to continue your education at another? If yes, then you’re a transfer student!

Every direction of transfer counts. You can transfer from college to college, from university to university, from university to college, or vice versa.

Did You Know?

More than 21,500 students transfer in Ontario every year.

Why Do Students Transfer?

There are lots of reasons. The most common are:

  • Wish to switch programs
  • Institution isn’t the right fit
  • Want additional postsecondary studies
  • Personal circumstances

Where Can I Go? College? University? Or Both?

Have you finished a college or university program and want more?

If you’re going from college to university or vice-versa after graduating, there are many other postsecondary options. You can explore them by searching the Program Transfer Guide or the Course Transfer Guide.

Are you in college or university and thinking of changing schools?

You can continue your program at another university/college and take your credits with you. Search the Course Transfer Guide to find your courses.

Know someone in high school who’s thinking about their postsecondary education?

They can combine college and university studies to tailor their education. They can explore their options by searching the Program Transfer Guide.

What Do I Do Next?

Follow our Transfer Checklist:

  1. Visit to identify what programs and/or courses you may be able to transfer.
  2. Transfer advisors are there to help. Talk to a transfer advisor about what credit you can receive and if the institution is the right fit for you. To find the transfer advisor at your institution of choice, check out our website.
  3. In some instances, you may need your course outlines to transfer. Be sure to check with the institution first to find out what documents you will need.
  4. And finally, apply to the college or university you want to go to.

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