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Teacher with young students

Why a Seneca degree?

A Seneca bachelor’s degree offers the theory and practical experience that employers want.

Benefits include:

  • Smaller classes so you can interact with professors and peers
  • Participating in applied research and finding solutions to real-world problems
  • Courses developed in consultation with industry
  • Work terms to help build your professional network

Child Development Degree

Seneca offers a degree-level program in Child Development at Seneca’s King Campus. The program is designed to provide you with the comprehensive theoretical and practical education employers are looking for.

This four-year bachelor’s degree program will give you a firm grounding in teaching and curriculum subjects in early childhood development, as well as familiarity in multidisciplinary and family practice.

You'll be equipped to succeed within the industry’s new direction towards integration of services and programs focusing on the child, the family and the community.

Plus, we make it easy for students to transfer from an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma over to our Child Development degree program - you can contact our Degree and Credit Transfer Office for more details.

You may be also able to transfer your credits if you’re coming to us from another college. Please check out ONTransfer’s Feature Friday article and website to learn more.

The Seneca degree experience, as told by a student

Denise Cobb-Donahue was one of the first Child Development students to enrol in the program on a part-time basis, which allows her to balance her family with work. While she admits it isn’t always easy, she is really enjoying her classes.

“All of my professors have been very knowledgeable, but more than that, they are real people,” says Denise. “The relationship doesn't stop when the class stops. Anytime you need any help or you just need a sounding board, they're available."

Interested in learning more?

One-on-one interaction with professors is just one advantage of pursuing a degree at Seneca. 

Learn more at or at our upcoming University and Degree Information Fair at Seneca’s King Campus on Thursday, November 12, 2015, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.