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Seneca business studentsTechnology is important in every field

In today’s job market, technology is everywhere. From the trades to corporate offices, you must have at least some knowledge of cutting-edge technology to succeed in your career.

We have the largest offering of computer studies programs in Ontario, including the following two technology-based degree programs:

Bachelor of Technology – Informatics and Security

Offered at our Seneca@York Campus, this program teaches you both theoretical knowledge and the applied skills needed to work in the information security and network technology sectors.

Throughout this four-year program you will first come to understand the basics about the application of networks, all the way from an individual machine to the world of connected computers. Then you’ll learn to analyze those networks, and finally test your new skills in your final two years by working on real-world business problems.

You’ll also have the chance to put your learning to the test during a co-op or work term with an external company, which will prepare you for a career in cyber security, privacy and the protection of data.

Bachelor of Technology – Software Development

Seneca’s Software Development degree is also a four-year program offered at our Seneca@York Campus.

This program will give you a comprehensive understanding of software languages, operating systems, web applications, multimedia interfaces, information security, databases, system analysis and design principles.

The real secret to this program’s success is its dual focus not only on technical skills, but also on communication skills. Our highly trained faculty will help you develop soft skills such as professionalism, problem-solving, teamwork, time-management and adaptability, that will help you stand out from other candidates when you enter the workforce.

Our Software Development program also offers you the opportunity to participate in one or more paid co-op terms. We have more than 3,500 employers in our database so that you’ll have lots of organizations to choose from! Plus, you’ll have access to our Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT), which allows students to collaborate with technology giants such as Mozilla.

All of these opportunities will lead you to a career in any sector where software development is needed, spanning from health care to computer game development.

Learn more about Seneca’s technology-based degrees at the upcoming degree fairs at our Newnham and Seneca@York campuses. 


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