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Top 5 FAQs from Transfer Students

1. Can I find out how much transfer credit I will get before I enroll in a program at UNB?

Outside of our formal agreements, students must first apply and be accepted to UNB before they can see how much transfer credit they will receive. All transfer applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis and individual course performance and course content are considered when assessing for transfer credit.


2. Is there a limit to how much credit I can transfer?

In order for a student to graduate from UNB, at least 50% of their course credits but must completed through the University of New Brunswick. If you are applying to a 4-year (120 credit hour) degree program, you must complete at least 2 years (60 credit hours) at UNB.


3. How long does it usually take for a transfer application to be assessed?

Once an application is complete (application, application fee, post-secondary transcript, other required documentation, etc). The file will be sent to the appropriate faculty for review. The Faculty will then make a decision regarding admission and transfer credit assessment. Generally, we try and turn these completed applications around within 10 business days.


4. Does UNB have any formal articulation agreements w/ Seneca?

UNB does not have any formal agreements with Seneca but we accept applicants from all recognized colleges and universities across Canada and the world. All applicants are assessed individually and can receive up to 50% of their UNB degree through transfer credit.

On our Saint John campus, we offer a program called the Bachelor of Applied Management, designed specifically for 2-year college diploma graduates. Students can pursue the BAM general, a BAM in Accounting, or a BAM in Hospitality and Tourism. More information about the Bachelor of Applied Management can be found here:


5. Can I continue to study at UNB after my Bachelor’s degree?

Yes! The University of New Brunswick is one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. We offer over 30 graduate level programs across all of our Faculties.

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