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Top Five Tips for Transfer Students

1. How can I maximize the transfer credits that I receive?

Algoma University offers excellent pathways and generous transfer credits. If you are thinking about attending university after college, reach out to the Algoma University’s Admissions Office to ensure that you are aware of how to qualify for maximum transfer credits and scholarships.


Diploma to Degree Information:

2. Is there a particular GPA that I should maintain to receive transfer credits and qualify for scholarships?

Maintaining a grade of 3.00 GPA (70%, B) or higher will increase eligibility for maximum transfer credits and pathways scholarships. Pathways scholarships range from $1000-$2000, which is deducted from tuition costs.

Pathways Scholarships:

3. Can I find out how many transfer credits I will get before I enroll in a program?

Transfer credits are provided after a student has formally applied to Algoma University. We have our transfer agreements listed on our website and on In addition, we offer transfer credits for programs outside of our transfer agreements.

Transfer Credit Policy:

4. When can I visit the campus?

Algoma University will help pay for the cost of a campus visit. Up to two free nights in a hotel and depending on how you choose to travel, we offer 50 percent of your plane ticket, a $50-$100 gas card, or full fare of a Greyhound bus ticket.

Visit Campus:

5. What types of experiential learning opportunities are available?

Research, co-op, and work-study opportunities are available on and off campus. There are numerous study abroad opportunities, which students pay the same tuition costs abroad that they would pay at Algoma University. Credits earned abroad will count towards the degree program.

Study Abroad:


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