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a man in a green field controlling a drone using a remote control

Nipissing University

Engineering for the 21st Century: Turn your Practical Skills into a Degree

Today’s Engineering professionals design and build new technology faster than ever before; why not have a degree that helps you set the pace? Nipissing University's Bachelor of Science specialization in Engineering Technology offers graduates of a three-year Engineering Technology program a way to completing a university degree in as little as two years. By combining practical skills and theory, this program provides a competitive edge in the workforce.

Nipissing is a great place to live and learn. We take pride in offering students a personalized experience; on average, our classes total 31 students. With a comfortable classroom environment, you have the chance to get to know your classmates and talk to your professors whenever you need them.

The North Bay community, located just 3.5 hours north of the Greater Toronto Area, offers places to enjoy shopping, socializing, and sports outside of class. North Bay has everything a big city has to offer, only in a smaller package. With two beautiful lakes within city limits, North Bay offers a full four-season experience; enjoy snowmobiling and ice fishing in the winter, boating and hiking in the spring, summer, and fall. The area has seen an increase in demand for graduates in the engineering field, so there are opportunities for employment where you can use your skills in areas like mining or machining.

For more information, please contact Admissions, read our student blog, or take a personal tour of the campus.