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George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management

805 21st St., NW (#453)
Washington, DC 20052


Seneca Program: Public Relations - Corporate Communications

Degree: Master’s in Strategic Public Relations – The George Washington University

George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) will provide an opportunity for graduates of Seneca’s Public Relations – Corporate Communications postgraduate certificate program to enter their Master’s in Strategic Public Relations with advanced standing. GWU offers both an online and a Washington, DC– based program option. Both programs produce the same degree and have equal standing and both are options for Seneca’s graduates.

Graduates of the above Seneca program who obtain an overall cumulative A grade and meet all outlined admission criteria for GW/GSPM, will be eligible to receive 9 credit hours of advanced standing upon acceptance. They will be required to undertake an additional 21 credits (7 courses) and maintain good academic standing to complete the GW Master’s degree program.

Students must obtain a letter of recommendation from Professor David Turnbull to be eligible to pursue this pathway.