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Your degree and beyond…

Wondering which university to Choose? First you need to know what program you want. Choosing a university for the program that you want can be made easier when you have the right tools. Start by visiting - the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Alternately, to see transfer agreements for other colleges and universities in Ontario, go to

Set out below are some additional links which provide information for specific sectors. If you don't see a link for your career field, check with your career counsellor or program advisor to see if there is an Association for your program.

Lastly, talk to those already working in your chosen field to gain a full understanding of what working in this career is really like and what credentials employers are looking for.

Thinking about Becoming a …

Business Administration Human Resources student

HR student plans for a degree
Ursula talks about her Human Resources program, professors and transferring to degree programs. Video