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Testing and Course Dates

When you come to the English Language Institute (ELI), you will take a placement test to determine your starting level. The placement test is the TOEIC® test, a standardized test that is available around the world.

TOEIC Score and Corresponding ELI Level

TOEIC Score ELI Level  
10- 225 ELI Level 1*  
230-295 ELI Level 2
300-395 ELI Level 3
400-495 ELI Level 4
500-570 ELI Level 5
575-645 ELI Level 6 Start your professional program.
Take 1-4 subjects while in Level 6,7 and 8
650-720 ELI Level 7
725 and above ELI Level 8

*Level 1 students are not complete beginners.

Level 1 students can:

  • read, write and say the alphabet, and spell out loud;
  • answer simple questions about self and family;
  • ask and answer simple questions about dates, times and places;
  • fill out basic forms with name, address and birth date;
  • understand and say the numbers 1-100.