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Frequently Asked Questions

Are co-op Students available for full-time or part-time work?

Students are available for full-time short term contract positions, from 12-16 weeks in length. Employers are asked to guarantee a minimum of 350 hours for diploma students and a minimum of 420 hours for degree students.

When are the co-op students available?

Students are available for full-time short term contract positions, as follows:

  • Minimum for diploma program students – 10 weeks and 350 hours
  • Minimum for degree program students – 14 weeks and 420 hours

Employers are asked to guarantee that the position will meet the minimum requirements.

Which students qualify for co-op placement?

There is a high level of interest among all our students, however only 10 - 25 per cent of them are accepted into the co-op program. The acceptance requirements include a minimum Grade Point Average, the recommendation of faculty members, the completion of mandatory courses, and a minimum level of interpersonal and communication skills.

What do students earn?

You can negotiate the salary with the student and/or the Co-op Co-ordinator to ensure that the student is paid equitably with respect to their job responsibilities, their peers and the industry. Currently, most positions fall within an hourly rate of $12 to $20.

How is co-op hiring different from regular hiring?

Hiring a co-op student is quite similar to a regular temporary contract position hire, except that the employer is asked to guarantee the co-op student a minimum of 420 hours. As a co-op employer you will receive administrative support from the Co-op Co-ordinator who will post the position, forward resumes, schedule interviews and arrange a space to conduct the interviews on campus if requested. The Co-op Office may also assist employers in the pre-screening process ensuring applicants have already met established minimum requirements. All of this support is complimentary.

What is a site visit?

The Co-op Co-ordinator will contact you approximately halfway through the work term to arrange a workplace site visit. The site visit is brief, usually consisting of a 15-20 minute conversation with the co-op student’s immediate supervisor, and then 15-20 minutes with the student. Several things are accomplished during this brief visit:

  • The employer is asked for feedback regarding the student’s progress to-date in the following areas: Interest, Initiative, Quality of Work, Quantity of Work, Dependability/Punctuality, Compatibility
  • The Co-op Co-ordinator is able to get a sense of the student’s progress and advise them accordingly, giving them an opportunity to improve upon their skills over the balance of the work term.
  • The employer is invited to share general comments and recommendations regarding the academic program and co-op procedure.
  • The employer will be asked to complete an on-line Performance Report at the end of the work term.

Is this co-op experience eligible for the Ontario Co-op Education Tax Credit?

Yes, for more information visit the Ministry of Finance’s website: Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit.

How do I hire a graduate or part-time student?

Visit Seneca CareerLink an easy way in which to post a summer, part-time, full-time or non-co-op contract position through exclusive on-line job posting site.