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Hire a Student

As a co-op employer you are asked to provide:

  • Direction and feedback to the students throughout the work term
  • An opportunity for the Co-op Co-ordinator to conduct a brief site visit during the work term
  • Official feedback via a brief online Student Performance Appraisal
Monitoring Performance

During the work term, students must be engaged in productive work, rather than merely observing. Job performance is directly supervised and evaluated by the student’s employer.

Five Easy Steps to Hiring a Co-op Student

1. Go to our Programs and Contacts page or call 416.491.5050 ext. 22371 to be referred to the appropriate Co-op Co-ordinator.

2. Prepare a brief job description in Microsoft Word which includes the following:

  • A brief overview of your company (one paragraph)
  • Major responsibilities of the position
  • Minimum qualifications
  • Salary (we do not dictate pay, but ask that you provide a fair wage for the work being done) your Co-op Co-ordinator can indicate a current salary range for students

3. E-mail or fax the Word document as an attachment to your co-ordinator. Once we have received your posting we will post your position on our secure on-line posting system. Positions are posted for a minimum of three business days. When the posting has closed we will collect the resumes and then send them to your attention either by e-mail or by courier.

4. Once you have made your selection and are ready to interview we will set up the interview process for you and have students sign-up online. All you need to do is provide the following information to us:

  • List of student(s) names
  • Interview date(s)
  • Times intervals/breaks
  • Whether you wish to conduct the interviews at your company location or on our campus
  • We will provide a final interview schedule a day prior to the interview date

5. Once the interviews are finished and you have chosen a student please let us know by either e-mail or phone. We will inform the successful student and monitor their progress throughout the work term.