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Information Technology

Computer Programming and Analysis

Specialized training and theoretical background in object–oriented methodology, particularly in program design and system analysis. .

Industry Specific Skills
  • Development of dynamic database–driven web application
  • Programming and web programming languages
  • Internet client and server side development
  • Design and maintenance of database systems, data communications, security and a variety of operating systems

Program Description

Computer Systems Technology

Students use dedicated labs configured for environments such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, networking, PC hardware, Internet and IBM System i with access to stand–alone, clustered and networked PCs, along with a host of LAN servers and mid–range computers.

Industry Specific Skills
  • Network design and optimization
  • Security, data communication and Voice over Internet Protocol
  • UNIX/ Linux administration
  • multi–player gaming administration
  • e–commerce support

Program Description

Database Application Developer (Graduate Certificate)

Specialized training to create web–enabled databases using ORACLE and SQL Server, Java or Visual Basic in the .NET environment.

Industry Specific Skills
  • Use Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems effectively in the development and deployment of software
  • Create web applications that interact with database back–ends
  • Design database applications using relational and object–oriented design methodology with UML using Rational Rose
  • Develop test plans and test cases for quality assurance
  • Create and maintain SQL Server Database Management System
  • Design, code, test and implement programs using Java
  • Design and manipulate databases using SQL and PL/SQL in Oracle
  • Create a VB front end connecting to a SQL Server database, in a .NET environment

Program Description

Informatics and Security (Degree)

Student recieve comprehensive knowledge of informatics, security and law, with practical applications that directly address critical business and communication requirements deemed essential by employers.

Industry Specific Skills
  • analysis, design and implementation of distributed computer systems using current methodologies
  • a broad understanding of data communication principles, knowledge of operating systems and how each of the components that make up the infrastructure can be compromised
  • an understanding and ability to design, develop and implement secure information acquisition, transmission, and storage and retrieval practices with current industry standards, taking into account privacy, security and ethical issues
  • technology change and innovation
  • analysis of project and system requirements
  • deployment of security on a variety of platforms
  • project planning, implementation and management
  • research methodology
  • technology planning and acquisition

Program Description

Project Management – Information Technology (Graduate Certificate)

This provides students with knowledge in a variety of Project Management methodologies (traditional waterfall, incremental, iterative, agile) currently practiced in the IT industry and an understanding of when each is most appropriate to follow.


Program Description

Software Development (Degree)

Specialized training in software developer, technical and non–technical skills critical to success in the business environment.

Industry Specific Skills
  • programming algorithms and software languages
  • operating system architectures
  • web application design and deployment
  • networking and information security
  • database design and development
  • system methodologies and project management
  • techniques for effective communication and teamwork
  • business principles and management practices
  • research and problem–solving methods

Program Description