Our graduates are on the front-lines of Canada’s science and engineering futures, which is why we are expanding Newnham Campus with new applied labs and learning spaces in the Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE). Here are a few examples of how our graduates are making a difference in their communities.

Save livesGary Jarrett prevents fires before they start with Brampton’s Fire and Emergency Services and Nicole Higgins has found a way to apply her knowledge in the fire engineering technology field.

Soar above the restSebastien Leduc graduated from Seneca’s Aviation program and was named Canada’s top amateur pilot.

Solve research problems – alumnus Jodi Garner is a lab manager and project coordinator at SickKids, where she focuses on discovery and solving problems on tissue culture.

Create something new – software development student Omid Najari Moghadam has used his Seneca training to launch Voisak, a new evolution of social media where your updates are activated by voice.

Fabrizio and Stefano Beninati took their mechanical engineering careers to Hollywood with machine work for special effects.